Day 113 Final Exams


This is it.  Students have started their final exams and will be celebrating (hopefully) by the end of this week.  Although I do not give final exams in my online composition courses, some students will come to see me this week regarding final drafts, missing assignments or to talk about plans for next semester and beyond.  I also write student recommendation letters this week by request, as some students will be transferring to universities or applying for internships.  It’s a “fragile” week for students because they are stressed out and overtired.  I keep a box of Kleenex and bowl of chocolates handy!

2016 Spring Final Exams and other Culminating Activities

Saturday, May 14 to Friday, May 20

• Spring 2016 semester includes 15 instructional weeks and one week of final exams or other culminating activities.

• Final exams or culminating activities will meet in the same classroom unless other arrangements are made.

  • Classes that meet less than 12 weeks will have their final exam or other culminating activities during their last class meeting.
  • Friday, May 20, is set aside as a day for make-up exams.

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