Day 82 Guest Blogger: Linda Elaine


Over 80 days of blogging this semester . . . whew!  I’m attempting to follow Donald Murray’s motto, “nulla dies sine linea” or “never a day without a line,” but have to admit that inviting another voice into the blog conversation is not only exciting, but a welcome reprieve.

I often talk with my College of DuPage office suitemates about projects, wish lists, articles and upcoming conferences and Linda Elaine’s door is always wide open.  Linda is an Associate Professor of English in our Communications subdivision.  Her academic credentials are just as impressive as her passion for students, learning and sharing ideas:

  • M.A. English Studies, Elmhurst College
  • M.A. Adult Developmental Education, Writing, National-Louis University
  • B.S. English/Journalism, Indiana State University

Linda teaches a variety of courses including Creative Nonfiction Writing, English Composition and Bible as Literature.  Her academic prowess amazes me — she can easily recite multiple titles and authors to weave into any conversation. Linda’s depth of knowledge and willingness to experiment with new ideas inspires anyone who is fortunate to be around her.  She is a magnet for artistic flair.  Whether Linda is playing the guitar, talking about her students or brainstorming agenda items for an upcoming committee meeting, she greets each day with 100% positive attitude. She has served as the Advisor for our College of DuPage Liberal Arts Magazine Prairie Light Review and currently chairs the Professional Writing Committee.

When I first told Linda about the Teaching Writing Online blog I was writing this semester, she asked me a series of provocative questions including, “Who is your audience?” and we had a lengthy discussion about finding our authentic voice which led me to ask Linda about her own writing.  And sure enough, Linda had already created a blog (no surprise!) and was currently using a blog within her classroom this semester.  We exchanged blog posts and this is what Linda shared:

Thank you Linda!