Day 108 Winding Down

thank you staff

There’s one week left in the semester and our last committee meetings are coming to an end.  It’s time to discuss our accomplishments as a team and forecast next year’s action items. I serve on multiple committees including Professional Writing, Developmental Writing, Writing and Reading Assistance Area and Chair the Teaching with Technology Committee.

This is a copy of our first agenda from September in our Teaching with Technology Committee.  We hold meetings every two weeks throughout the semester.  We have met all of the goals we established together this year, hosted workshops and produced a myriad of additional action items along the way.  Our faculty committees work hard. They bring in guest speakers, annotated articles, conference presentation suggestions, curriculum revisions, flow charts, recommended policy changes and more. I’m honored to be part of the team.

Identify goals for committee
  • Technology priorities for subdivision

special projects/funding

Assess pedagogical/technology training needs for faculty
  • Conference opportunities
  • TLC workshops
Hybrid course development process
  • Design process
Review Fall 2015 online course offerings; make suggestions for Fall 2016 online courses
  • Review and recommendations

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