Day 105 Let me introduce myself . . . again.


College of DuPage has been through a lot of changes lately. Our school has been in the headlines for better and for worse, but a constant is our delivery of quality teaching and learning. I adore working with our students, faculty and staff.  I can’t imagine spending my days anywhere else.  College of DuPage is home. We will welcome a new President this year and most likely additional administrative changes will follow. Since I started my career at COD, I have worked with curricular changes from quarters to semesters, exam policy amendments, contract disputes, building renovations and much more as COD continues to evolve.  Although most faculty who have tenure tend to stay here and teach, many administrative staff appear to be placed into a revolving door. For example, I have worked with 5 COD Presidents, 3 Deans and 7 Associate Deans. This year will bring new opportunities to introduce myself once again.

Below are questions posed in our full-time outstanding faculty award nomination document. I responded to the questions and completed the form this year based on my students’ nominations. I’m looking forward to introducing myself to the new administrative staff by sharing my professional history and accomplishments:

1.How you have demonstrated excellence in teaching, both in and out of the classroom setting?

Embracing excellence since 1994 at College of DuPage by:

  • Incorporating best practices in teaching college reading preparation and composition
  • Sharing cutting edge classroom materials to align with course learning objectives
  • Facilitating multimodal teaching activities with fellow faculty and staff
  • Connecting cross curricular avenues via Learning Communities projects
  • Practicing an ongoing commitment to student success
  • Demonstrating a stellar attendance record to facilitate a productive work environment

2. What have you initiated or helped to develop in the area of innovative programs used at COD?

Collaborating with a myriad of program development and design including:

  • Student Success Network Grant Program
  • ICCB Tech Prep Grant Program
  • Innovation Incubator Program
  • Study Skills Seminar Weekend Program
  • CTE Student Academic Preparation Program
  • Learning Communities
  • Field and Experiential Study Abroad and Global Education Program
  • Centers for Independent Learning Distance Learning Flagship Program

3. How have you served on technical or special committees in District 502, and how did this effort affect the college program in the community, state or nation?

Making a commitment to participate in multiple committees in our district has made a positive impact.  My contributions have assisted in strategic planning and coordinating educational priorities. I have served as an agent of change and growth locally, nationally and internationally.

  • Locally, I have been a part of the General Education Enduring Purpose Team studying and implementing outcome assessment instruments and techniques institution wide. Our team identified multiple measures in spotlighting program effectiveness and management. I am a pioneer in developing the first online English 1101 Composition course and have since amassed material for online instruction, creating English 0482 and English 1102 online as well as facilitating TLC workshops in online curriculum and design. I am the Chair of Teaching with Technology Committee and have served on the Online College Committee, Online English Faculty Committee and Asynchronous Learning Networks Special Interest Group.
  • In the state I have visited the Illinois Youth Center as part of the “Prison and College: Writing Life Experiences” College of DuPage honors composition course vignette performances.  I have also attended the Harvest Pow Wow at Naper Settlement with a College of DuPage anthropology course to celebrate Native American culture, which inspired me to register to volunteer nationally at Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota for a week this Spring 2016.  I will be working with the Oglala Lakota Nation to improve accessibility, deliver bunk beds and construct outhouses.
  • Internationally I volunteered in Barrio Cuba, an industrial sector of Costa Rica with IVHQ. I helped bridge the digital divide by designing the first computer classroom of its kind in the local community center. The transmission of online information is essential in providing equal access to knowledge. Inviting students into a learning environment where their voices can be cultivated through speech and cyberspace is an important effort that affects our college community at home.

4. Describe how you have provided leadership in helping to solve challenges at two-year postsecondary institutions.

Heightening awareness of access and accommodations for our students to succeed academically, professionally and personally is one of my top priorities. It is my mission to introduce all students to an exceptional level of college preparedness.  I have been successful in accomplishing this goal with several postsecondary institutions by sharing resources:

  • South Suburban College Faculty Development Day Workshop Facilitator
  • Oakton Community College Reading Session Guest Speaker
  • Joliet Junior College Preparedness Site Visit Coordinator
  • Triton College Links to Learning Seminar
  • College Classroom Expectations District 502 High School Students Guest Speaker
  • NCTE Conference Presenter: “Improving the Success Rate of College Developmental Reading Students Using Computer-Based Instruction (CBI)”
  • Academic Impressions Conference “Retaining Students in Online Education

5. How long have you been active in developing, organizing, or supporting state and/or national two-year postsecondary education associations?

I have been an active member for over twenty years of my professional teaching career:

  • College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA)
  • Council of Learning Assistance and Developmental Education Associations (CLADEA)
  • International Reading Association (IRA)
  • National Association for Developmental Education (NADE)
  • National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)
  • Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC)
  • Chicago Area Developmental Reading Educators Association
  • American Association of Women in Community Colleges
  • Society for Technical Communication (STC)
  • American Education Research Association (AERA)

6. What awards or honors have you received in recognition of leadership at COD or in the community?

  • 2015 IVHQ International Volunteer of the Year Award Nominee
  • College of DuPage Liberal Arts Division Outstanding Full-Time Faculty Award 2014-2015
  • College of DuPage Outstanding Full-Time Faculty Award Nominee 2000, 2002-2003, 2004-2005, 2005-2006, 2008-2009, 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2015-2016
  • International Blackboard Catalyst Award for Exemplary Course Design
  • Girl Scout Leader Troop 711 and 757, Outstanding Leader of the Year Award

7. Describe those activities you perform to keep pace with current theories and practices in your discipline.

I thrive on engaging in scholarly activity.  I published an article in Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) called “Using a Blog throughout a Research Writing Course.” I submitted a proposal to the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) Conference with the theme “Pinnacles of Learning:  The Power of Innovation.” I presented a one hour session, “Computers, Camtasia and Making Connections:  First Semester Teaching Reading Online” at a CRLA Conference.  I participate in webinars reviewing course related materials including the use of technology in the classroom. I edit and review textbooks for a variety of publishers. I have attended the College of DuPage “Celebration for Teaching” faculty retreat.  I participated in the Liberal Arts Winter Conference Poster Session.  I pursue professional development opportunities such as completing an online graduate school course at National Louis University and an intensive disability law course at Northern Illinois University.  I have also contributed ideas regarding effective reading techniques to the Quantum Leadership Academy Project at College of DuPage. I annotate academic journals in my field and often make copies for my colleagues.


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