Day 104 Strengths and Weaknesses


In our Discussion Board today, my English 0492 students shared their strengths and weaknesses in writing. At this point in the semester they are comfortable and confident with one another because we have established a writing community for several weeks.  They post to the Discussion Board every week regarding a myriad of composition related topics.  This week I found their responses particularly reflective and poignant.

Student 1:  A few of my strengths would be, that I can easily come up with ideas to write about. Also, that I can communicate with people. I can also relate to them. I try to utilize these skills a lot when writing a paper. My weaknesses however, are that I can get distracted easily. Sometimes, as I’m just about finished with writing my draft. I loose focus. I tend to steer in another direction and fall into my imagination. I am trying to fix this by taking short breaks if I need to. Or, even asking for help from a classmate or friend. I also, tend to push to hard when writing. There were a few times where I tried to hard to write about something, and my paper turned out bad. I’m also working on fixing this, by brainstorming and picking a topic I am most interested about.

Student 2:  I think two of my strengths are word flow and choice. Two things I would like to work on is run-ons and other areas of sentence structure.

Student 3:  I feel my strengths are the thesis and conclusion, I’m strong in those areas. I struggle with the body of the paper. I find myself running my ideas together. I find it difficult to stay on the topic at times. I know what I want to in my head but sometimes I convay it on paper. I’m in high hopes this class will help. I need my writing skill to be better. The year the Learning Commons is my friend and they are helping me reach my goal.

Student 4:  I will say my strengths are choosing a topic to write about and writing the conclusion. Two of my weaknesses are trying to come up with the finish product. I write too much and have problems trying to narrow my paper down. I guess that would be editing and finalizing.  I also have problems with punctuations and grammar usage.


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