Day 102 Love the Luddites


Technology moves fast.  Introductions of new software and faster hardware is expected and constant.  Technophobes or the technology challenged can be left behind if they aren’t willing to experiment with new ways of doing things.  However, sometimes it’s not willingness that gets in the way, it is cost.  Using antiquated computer equipment or dial up Internet service may be dependent on our what is in our wallet.  I admit I am not the first to go out and purchase a new iPhone or stand in line for the latest and greatest tech toy on the market, but I do my best to keep up, especially in using classroom technology.  It’s easy to get into a routine and stick with what we know.  I was mildly upset when the web browser Internet Explorer was no longer supported.  But I have moved on, exploring new avenues and discovering new technology.

The term luddite is used to refer to someone who is opposed to, or distrustful of, new technology.  In the book Why we Write, bestselling author Ann Patchett confesses her penchant for a particular word processing software.  She struggles with her reluctance to change:

Can you believe it?  I still write in WordPerfect.  Why?  Certainly not because I’m superstitious.  I’m passionately against superstitions, talismans, ritual, routines.  When you’re a writer, it’s so easy to become a freak.

Everything I have is in WordPerfect, and I can’t bear to contemplate changing that. It’s like being on a train:  it’s too late to get off fifteen stops ago.  I just got an iPad.  I haven’t learned how to use it yet, but the first thing I did was to download the WordPerfect app (186).

It is our responsibility to move outside of our comfort zone, jump into something new and embrace change.  Technology moves fast.  Try to keep up!




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