Day 97 Look! Another Webinar!


I got an e-mail from an eLearning company, Hawkes Learning, offering me enrollment in a 30 minute webinar and free T-shirt, “Keep Calm and Proofread” if I watched the webinar in it’s entirety.  I receive this type of e-mail solicitation on a weekly basis.  Information abounds in my Inbox.

This webinar will give you a sneak peek at Hawkes Learning’s new paper submission and review tool, SmartReview. This tool offers you an easy-to-navigate, customizable resource for creating, managing, and scoring writing assignments. Students receive an organized writing space where they can submit assignments for individualized feedback from both instructors and peer reviewers.You’ll learn the following:

  • How SmartReview streamlines the management of student papers
  • Why SmartReview makes peer review more meaningful
  • How this tool, along with supplementary materials from Hawkes, improves student writing



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