Day 96 I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!


Tonight I stayed at work late. I was happily accomplishing a myriad of tasks when I ran into a snag — a technical snafu.  My browser had blocked a pop-up that I needed to move onto the next item on my never ending list. After fiddling with the screen and clicking onto links that clearly were not working, I called our College of DuPage Information Technology Help Desk (or as I like to call them, computer rescuers!).  According to our website, the IT Help Desk mission is to be a key differentiator and enabler for College of DuPage by ensuring the highest quality, cost-effective technology solutions available with a focus on user experience and needs, reliability, security and availability. And yes, they are all that and a bag of chips.  They have diffused my frustration with error codes, disappearing files and a variety of other computer issues I have encountered along the way.

I described my computer problem to the patient and thoughtful staff member on the other end of the phone line and within minutes, he accessed my computer remotely.  It is strange at first to see two cursors gliding over the desktop screen, but he quickly resolved the issue by going into my advanced settings and allowing pop-ups associated with the site I was accessing.  He used a product called LogMeIn, a remote access service that immediately connected our computers, allowing him to quickly navigate and troubleshoot. I am so thankful for our Help Desk. Problem solved. Back to work!




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