Day 94 Printer Use


This year College of DuPage adopted a new service called SmartPrint.  All new printers were installed throughout campus — in faculty office suites, computer labs, and division offices.  Instead of clicking “print” from our computer screen and retrieving the paper or papers waiting in the tray, the new procedure involved setting up our printer to recognize the SmartPrint software, clicking “print” and then using our faculty ID card to swipe the printer which would electronically read our card, record our number of pages and print  copies double-sided (unless we indicated otherwise).

Recently we were sent this e-mail about SmartPrint:

Firmware also referred to as System Software

Xerox offers upgraded firmware when they find issues with the original firmware. These updates help with problems you might have seen. Issues range from paper feeding from the wrong tray to some symbols not being recognized to machine freezing or rebooting. The issues vary by machine and may not be encountered by all users.

At this time Xerox completed firmware upgrades on all 5955, 7835 and 7225 models on Main Campus and Regional Centers at College of DuPage. It is important that users report device freezing or rebooting without being prompted to the Smart Print Service Desk on extension 3500. This will allow us to investigate the cause via the system-generated data, and identify a resolution to avoid future instances.

Xerox is in the process of testing upgraded software for MFP 3655 and is planning to begin upgrades in the near future.

More tips to come:

-Slow machines


-Printing envelopes/labels

-Jobs disappearing

-Time out

Students also have access to printers on campus at College of DuPage.  One of the most popular spots to print is the library. On our website, students are offered detailed directions on how to print in the library:

  • Visit and use your myACCESS login credentials to create an online account.
  • Once you’re logged in, click on the “Add Funds” link displayed next to your account balance. The minimum amount for an online transaction is $5.
  • At the print release stations, students use their myACCESS login credentials to view and release their documents.
Community Users
  • Create a guest account by going to
  • Once there, use the “I am a guest” link in the lower left-hand corner of the login page to create the account
  • Use your personal e-mail account to complete the registration process.
  • Log into the Smart Print system using the e-mail address and password used to create your account
Printing from Your Own Device

Smart Print enables everyone to print from laptops, phones, or tablets on the go. To submit a print job, COD students and Faculty/Staff members need to email their documents to or from their COD accounts.

For community users, the recipients are the same. Community members just need to remember to send files from the personal e-mail address connected to your SmartPrint account. All users can use the cash kiosk in the Library Print Center to add money to accounts using paper money (coins not accepted). The kiosk will not provide change. The minimum amount of fund that can be added using the cash kiosk is $1.


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