Day 91 I’m just Browsing

Browser Blues

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari — no, not the names of summer movie blockbusters, but the names of web browsers.  Basically all of these browsers accomplish the same task, allowing access to the Internet.  But some browsers work better than others when it comes to using our Learning Management System, Blackboard.  My students prefer to use Chrome, the free web browser developed by Google.  It seems to be the most popular because it is fast, has decent security and includes syncing capabilities that allow access to your customized browser from any computer.

When I am at home I use Safari most often because I work with an iMac computer.  Safari is intuitive and has fast loading times, but for some reason I am unable to attach documents to e-mails when using Safari, so I prefer Firefox.  When I am at work I exclusively use Firefox because Internet Explorer (IE) does not “play nice” with Blackboard and often the screen will freeze or I’ve even had my itemized class grades appear to cease existing, even though they are saved and stored in the Blackboard grade book.  Generally my students have their own preferences in using browsers, but I encourage them to use whatever browser works best.  I try to guide students to the information they need in the most effective and efficient way possible, regardless of their browser choice.





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