Day 85 What I am missing?


As we enter the 12th week of 16-week semester at College of DuPage, students have either hit their stride in submitting assignments on time (and sometimes before the due date!) or have fallen behind.  On my course syllabus I state, “It’s easier to keep up than to catch up.”  This statement rings true especially in a composition course.  Each assignment is designed around the basic tenets of the writing process.  Assignments build upon one another and if students miss a due date or series of due dates, are absent from participating in Discussion Boards, don’t participate in peer review and bypass the recursive process of writing, it’s a challenge to simply catch up.  It’s very difficult to  make up several assignments or missed deadlines all at once.  Some students who have disappeared for awhile online may reconnect by sending me an e-mail with confidence, “I know I’ve gotten a little behind, but I can make it up.  I’ll finish all 17 assignments today and be all caught up.  I got this.”  But the reality is, the assignments are due each week for a reason — to practice and publish within a writing process model.  Submitting an avalanche of assignments can hurt the process and ultimately the product or final grade.



I do not like to issue failing grades and will avoid it at all costs.  My job is to help students succeed.  However, if a student has fallen behind on several assignments at this point in the semester, I will point to elements within our course syllabus including:

Incomplete Grades

In order to receive an Incomplete, you must have completed at least 75% of the work of the course with passing grades.  Documentation of the reason for the incomplete must be provided (e.g., hospitalization, death in the family, etc.).  You must contact me no later than a week before the last week of the term to request an Incomplete.

Withdrawal Grades

The last day to withdraw from this class is APRIL 16, 2016 .  After that date, students may file a Petition for Late Withdrawal through the Registration Office.  Petitions for Late Withdrawal will be granted for extenuating circumstances only, including student illness, death in the immediate family, family emergencies, call to active duty, or other appropriate extenuating circumstances.  The student will be required to provide appropriate documentation for all requests for Late Withdrawal.  Prior to withdrawing from this class, students are encouraged to speak with the instructor.

If students have an illness or condition that makes it unlikely that they can complete the course, they can get a medical withdrawal; please contact Registration for this procedure.


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