Day 81 Can I Teach Online?


At College of DuPage we have a checklist featured in our English Best Practices Blackboard shell that offers faculty ideas and guidelines regarding expectations in an online course including: design, content, communication and assessment.  The checklist is derived from the Illinois Online Network’s Quality Online Course Initiative rubric:

College of DuPage does not currently have a college-wide policy in how to create online course design and content.  Courses are created within our divisions and each division has its own expectations of what their online courses should look like.  Although the Instructional Technology Committee and Teaching with Technology Committee have discussed a potential online teaching proficiency checklist to help communicate the idea that our online courses need to meet certain criteria combining both technical competencies and best teaching practices, the checklist has been recommended, not required.  Asking faculty to complete an ION course or workshop before teaching online is up to the discretion of the administrator who assigns the online course offerings each semester. By contract, the administrator has the right of assignment in selecting courses to create a faculty part-time or full-time teaching load.





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