Day 55 Spring Break Saturday!

Spring Break 2

The College of DuPage academic calendar includes one week of Spring Break.  Classes are not in session, but administrative offices and facilities are are still open.  The campus becomes quiet with most faculty offices and classrooms empty and dark. Spring Break is usually scheduled during the same time every year, around the end of March or early April.  Although many college students spend their Spring Break traveling to tropical destinations like Cancun, Panama City Beach, South Padre Island or Punta Cana to experience parties and beaches, most of my students tell me that they plan on spending the week off from school picking up extra shifts at work, sleeping in or taking care of their families.

Community college students generally have different lifestyles than university students.  College of DuPage is considered a commuter school. We do not have dormitories or on campus housing. This makes it more challenging to get involved, meet new people and make connections. My students work at least one job and have limited time for a social life outside of school and family obligations.  They generally do not have disposable income to spend hundreds of dollars on a week’s vacation with their peers, particularly when many students graduate with a sizable amount of debt and student loans.  One of the last items on their priority list is spending money frivolously on Spring Break. In fact, my students will tell me they are vigilant at saving money and follow a strict budget. But one similarity that community college and university students share is the release from school work or as one of my students exclaimed before Spring Break began, “I’m just going to do a whole lot of nothingness.”  Enjoy!



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