Day 39 Tech Talk 50/50


I joined a group fitness class today called 50/50.  The first half of the class unleashes an intense cardio training work out with a bosu ball for balance and flexibility while the second half of the class includes strength training with resistance bands and weights. Sweating alongside a group is a great motivator and increases energy. I was peppered with a series of shouts, “You got this!  Drive it!  Get low!” for sixty minutes before cooling down and ending with an ethereal Enya song.

There’s no doubt I felt more secure in the first half of the class.  I am a life long runner and have the agility to jump, sprint and move fairly quickly. I trained for the Chicago Marathon in 2007 and finished all 26.2 miles without stopping. Exercise is part of my daily routine.  But I can get bored on the treadmill.  I like to change things up.  I enjoyed the cardio portion of the 50/50 class, but the stretching and pliability half of the class is where I need the most improvement.  I can hardly touch my toes and am unable to bend into pretzel formations like the majority of the class.

The 50/50 exercise class is a lot like teaching online.  I believe an online class can be divided into fifty percent of building content driven materials and fifty percent possessing technical prowess.  How can I evenly distribute both content and technology when my confidence isn’t necessarily the same in both areas?

Fortunately at College of DuPage we have access to a myriad of resources to bolster knowledge in a 50/50 model, dovetailing content specific material with technology in a group environment.  Good news — we can sweat together!

Learning Technologies Services at COD is a phenomenal area always willing to help:

Learning Technologies Services

Learning Technologies is dedicated to helping COD instructors learn about the latest tech tools and build high-quality courses for their students. Staff members can help with everything from answering questions about Blackboard to helping you film, edit and utilize videos in your courses.

The best place to learn more about Learning Technologies is through our department website. There, faculty can take advantage of Blackboard support, sign up for courses, learn about new tech initiatives at COD, and a read variety of articles on educational technology.

Learning Technologies Workshops

Staff members from Learning Technologies also lead a variety of workshops for instructors designed to help them learn to better utilize educational technology. Most of our workshops fall into two categories:

  • In-Depth Sessions:Instructors at COD have the option of attending in-depth workshops on a variety of tech-focused topics. These workshops are managed by the TLC. Check the calendar for upcoming sessions or register for sessions through myACCESS.
  • Mini Sessions: Learning Technologies also offers weekly mini sessions during the spring and fall. These short, 20-minute sessions are highly focused and can be a great way to get to know the technology you use in the classroom.To attend a mini session, visit the Berg Instructional Center (BIC) 3401 on Tuesdays at 2 p.m.

Tech Support

Have a quick question about Blackboard? These resources can help.

  • Blackboard Central: Find training and support resources for Blackboard created by COD’s IT department.

For any other questions and inquiries, contact the Learning Technologies office at (630) 942-2490 or at

IDEA Center

The IDEA Center is another amazing College of DuPage resource to share resources:

The IDEA Center always is willing to work with interested full- and part-time faculty to help develop research or innovative teaching or assessment projects for their classrooms. We are looking for faculty who are willing to try something new, collect data on its impact, and share the results of their efforts with others. In addition, faculty participants may complete an application for their project in the spring for the chance to win a $500 Innovation Award for their efforts!


The IDEA Center will be the hub on campus for innovation in teaching, learning, and student success.


To encourage, celebrate, and sustain innovation by

  • Providing a welcoming, comfortable space where individuals can gather to discuss and develop innovative ideas
  • Providing collaboration and sharing opportunities for faculty, staff, and administrators
  • Providing support for interdisciplinary action research to test and implement ideas
  • Recognizing and fostering creativity throughout the college.

Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) is an on-campus resource that provides training, workshops and classes to College of DuPage employees. We are committed to providing relevant, high-quality development opportunities that will enhance your work environment and enrich your experiences here at the College of DuPage.

What do we offer?

The TLC offers a great number of resources. Some of these resources include:

  • A variety of workshops, training sessions, discussion forums and more.
  • Faculty-specific professional development opportunities.
  • A robust library of relevant reference materials.
  • An innovative computer lab that houses PCs, MACs, Scanners, and more.
  • TLC staff are generally available 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.


These three areas at College of DuPage offer faculty, staff and administrators a chance to engage in a series of discussions about teaching with technology, best practices in curriculum design, and assessment of student learning outcomes in our program, discipline, and courses.



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