Day 16 Check, Double Check, Triple Check


Roster verification, referral entry, mid-term verification, permit requests, final grading alerts — oh my!  The modernization of our teaching profession has changed with online delivery. We now have access to an abundance of information at the click of a keyboard.  Web portals are unique places where information comes together in a dedicated landing spot. Similar to looking at the dashboard of a car, a portal is designed in a customized way, linking employees to announcements, campus calendars, work tools, learning management systems, counseling and advising, photo galleries and additional resources applicable to our College community.

According to Chuck Currier, College of DuPage Vice President of Information Technology, the College has nearly two hundred forms housed in the portal’s Forms Library at  Some examples of forms within the archives include an e-permit to withdraw, full-time tenured faculty phase 1 evaluation and a facilities furniture review form. We can access the most up to date forms via the portal, as changes occur frequently and this ensures we are submitting the most current version.

Also on the portal is MyAccess, an online platform designed to work with both Windows and MacIntosh browsers.  MyAccess offers a variety of services such as class schedules and registration, students’ withdraw or add notifications, class wait lists, future educational planning, and faculty assignments. MyAccess is another version of a one stop shop to promote and efficiently manage a more centralized system in a College with 26,000 students enrolled.  This web-based application provides convenience, remote ease of use and a robust database for students, faculty and staff.

One feature I particularly like in MyAccess is the Early Alert system designed to track and promote student success. Again, it is another form to complete, but I believe it is well worth the effort.  In the Early Alert system, a glossary drop down menu appears in order to select the type of issue a student may be encountering:

  • inconsistent attendance
  • incorrect course placement
  • missing/incomplete assignments
  • behavior
  • motivational problems
  • never attended
  • no classroom materials
  • not logged into Blackboard/Technical issues
  • poor performance on assignments
  • unfamiliar with academic expectations
  • inability to handle course materials

Based on the semester, I will complete approximately 5-10 student referrals in the Early Alert system.  These referrals are electronically sent to one of our counselors for review.  The counselor also makes contact with the students to assist in identifying strategies and resources for academic success.

Finally, MyAccess even has a “My To Do List” feature prioritizing pending cases, escalating cases, and updated cases all referenced by student ID.  The system of electronic tracking is beneficial in our data collection and prioritizing future strategic goals for the College and community.

Has technology increased or decreased the flow of paperwork responsibilities?  Has the development of information systems assisted us in record keeping and standardized reporting?  The myriad of daily administrative tasks can play a significant role in online teaching, but finding a balance between completing forms and creating curriculum is important.



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