Day 4 Scaffolding for Success


When working in higher education there are a lot of buzz words thrown around: pedagogy, epistemology, student-centered learning. We fold these words into our discourse community and exchange them like cards in a game, shuffling the deck depending on whom we are speaking with or writing to. As an English teacher I love the use of language and have a passion for incorporating new words and meanings into my vernacular.

One word I’ve heard a lot lately is scaffolding.  I associated this word with building or the process of laying brick or mortar, assembling a structure of sorts.  My online students are engaging in scaffolding today.  Most have eyeballed the course links in the main menu I have provided.  They are building their knowledge and starting to work from the ground up by clicking on each link and exploring:

  • Announcements
  • Syllabus
  • Instructor
  • Due Dates
  • Course Material
  • Discussion Board
  • Blog
  • Awards and Accomplishments
  • Outstanding Divisional Full-time Faculty Member 2014-2015
  • Blackboard Exemplary Course Award Winner English 1102 Online
  • Daily Herald Article — Blackboard Exemplary Course Award Winner English 1102 online
  • Learning Technologies Faculty E-Portfolio Showcase
  • Outstanding Full-Time Faculty Member 2015-2016 Award Nominee
  • Student E-mail
  • Send E-mail
  • Blackboard Help
  • COD Resources
  • Library Resources
  • Optional Information Literacy Modules

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